Sunday, May 18, 2014


Growing up my sister and I would always color in these books with our colored pencils at my grandma's house. Little did I know that what I was actually coloring were tessellations. I wish I could remember the names of the books but apparently I have been a fan of tessellations for quite some time now.

In MTH 221 we also work with tessellations but to a different extent. In MTH 221, we took a square, cut piece(s) out of it, then reattached them somewhere else on the square. This topic was covering the different types of tessellations so we created two different shapes. My first shape was created using slides. From this, my shape resembled the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My second shape was created using rotations. This shape resembled distorted bats, so I colored them Halloween colors. I wish I had my past school stuff with me so I could post a picture, hopefully I come back to this with an update.

For MTH 495 I first started using the pattern blocks to create tessellations. I later moved to the isometric dot paper. I think overall I probably spent 3-4 drawing the page. Obviously there were distractions but I watched two movies while doing the drawing. Below of pictures of the beginning and the in progress. I'll updated with the completed colored version when it's finished.

I also really enjoyed this website that allows you to create patterns online. I wouldn't be able to spend as long on a site versus doing a tessellation with pen and pencil but it's still an excellent resource and a good time killer. 


  1. You can flesh out the post with your design process, or what you notice mathematically about the design you made.

    Look forward to seeing the updates.

  2. I think it is really interesting what you have to say about tessellations! I remember doing something similar to the coloring books you were talking about at the beginning, but it was in my elementary art class. I don't think we had specific coloring books we used but it would interesting to find out what they are called! Also, I really like the tessellations you created with the dot paper. They are very interesting and unique! They have a lot of detail, and I like that you used the dot paper rather than graph paper. It seems like this made it a lot easier to create a pattern.